Our job - Identify new business opportunities.(B2B).

We make cold calls on B2B basis to generate qualified leads for Small and Medium Businesses, uncluding complex B2B products and services. We provide daily reports.

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Our core value - Initiate strong relationships with decision makers.

Step 1 - Building your target account list if you don't have any.

You are free to provide your targeted list or not. Decision-makers and phone number's or not, we will find them for you. Don't know where to start? We will design a tailor-made one based on your requirements.

Step 2 - Reaching decision makers.

We make cold calls to businesses with high-value conversations targeted to decision makers. Our main focus: Intiate strong relationships with them, understanding their way of making business, actively listening to their needs and creating a bridge with your project, product or service.

Step 3 - Generating leads and setting appointments.

We deliver qualified leads that meet your exact qualification requirements. Scheduling appointments if necessary.

Step 4 - Reporting on our cold calling activities.

We mail you daily detailed report (PDF format). Inside this document are:

  • a sum-up of all outbound calls made during the day with contact details from decision makers.

  • and a list of all qualified leads generated during the campaign.

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  • Empathy on sales calls.
  • Sales and technical background.


  • Daily detailed reports.
  • Proved Lead generation process.


  • Tailored to your needs.
  • Pay per hour.

Find your new leads

We make cold calls to generate B2B leads for SMBs.

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